The End is Better Than the Beginning

Can you sense the change? This morning when I walked outside I could feel the difference. Spring and the renewal of life. As I drove out of my subdivision, I noticed two large willow trees in bloom. As I drove to work, the sun was just coming up and my thoughts turned to the LORD and something He taught me during a time of prayer a year or so ago.

The Scripture says that nature declares the handiwork of God. I had prayed and asked the LORD to teach me something from nature. He reminded me from Genesis how the days were created… evening and morning the first day, evening and morning the second day, and so on. Always evening then morning. Darkness then light. In our western culture we have it backwards. We follow morning then evening. But with the LORD, the end is always better than the beginning. Just as we start out in the darkness of sin and the fear of eternal death, then the light of Jesus Christ’s redemption, salvation, and promise of eternal life with God dawns in our hearts as we respond to the gospel follows the pattern of darkness and then light. The end is better than the beginning.

In the same way, we go from Winter to Spring and the LORD in His infinite wisdom placed the Passover of Christ, His crucifixion and resurrection right at the transition from Winter to Spring. So as the Sun rose this morning, the joy of the resurrection and the promise of new life in Christ Jesus filled my soul. What an amazing God. WIth Jesus Christ, the end is better than the beginning.

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