Would You Buy Me a Cup of Coffee?

A Man Named Scott

This morning I had to get up early (5am) to take my wife to work by 6am. After dropping her off I decided to go to Denny’s to get a cup of coffee and something to eat and pass the time until time to go to work. When I pulled into Denny’s parking lot, there was a man standing near the front door smoking a cigarette. He was dirty and looked homeless.

As I approached the front door he asked me: “Would you buy me a cup of coffee?” I stood there for a few seconds considering his question and finally responded: “Sure.”

We walked in and sat at the counter. I expected one of the employees to say something about him, and prepared myself with an explanation. Instead, the waiter simply asked if we wanted coffee. I said yes and he came back with 2 cups of hot coffee. At this point I determined to buy the man something to eat if he wanted it. The waiter asked we wanted a glass of water and menus, and I looked at Scott and asked if he was hungry and he mumbled that he was so I answered yes. Scott told me he wanted the Santa Fe skillet and I nodded. When the waiter came back I ordered for both of us and began to drink my coffee. As I sat there quietly I began to think about the situation. I felt totally inadequate to meet this man’s overwhelming needs. As soon as I thought that the Holy Spirit reminded me that it is the little things that a make a difference. So often I overthink things and get so overwhelmed by all the things that could be done or need to be done that I bow out and don’t do anything, thinking that any small thing I do would be too insignificant. That’s wrong thinking. Jesus said WHATEVER you do to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto Me.

While we continued to wait for our food I began to silently pray for Scott. “Lord have mercy on him. Pour out your lovingkindness on him. Whatever his circumstances are, bless Him and care for him.” As Scott was sipping his coffee, he began to quietly cry. I could hear that he was fighting to hold it back. The manager was walking by and heard it and asked if everything was okay. I nodded and then quietly turned to Scott and asked if he was okay. He mumbled yes and got quiet.

Our food came and we both ate quietly and finished multiple cups of coffee. I finished first and determined that I would wait with Scott and not leave until he was finished. I asked if he wanted a to go cup for his coffee and he replied that he would. The Manager got a fresh cup of hot coffee to go for me and I had him give it to Scott. I paid the bill and walked Scott outside and left. He went back to where he was standing when had first entered the parking lot. As I was leaving I prayed another silent prayer for him. At the stop light the Holy Spirit reminded me of the command “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s so simple. It’s so easy so turn a blind eye to people like Scott and let them become invisible… the “untouchables.”

God has been so good to me even though I deserve punishment in Hell forever. I acknowledged this and thanked the Lord for His mercy and kindness toward me and for growing me spiritually. I say this because in the past, because of my past insecurity, I have done things like this but with an internal turmoil & anxiety about what someone might think or say and how I would respond. Not this time. I had peace and was able to hear the Lord so much more clearly this time.

It’s the little things we do that do matter. Nothing is insignificant to Christ Jesus.

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