I Will Never Forget

I was sitting in my office at the Circuit City Training Dept. on Thalbro St. in Richmond, VA when a coworker came in frantically saying that an airplane crashed into one of the Twin Tower buildings. At first I had no idea what she was talking about, but I knew it was bad. None of us had any idea how bad it really was. We all thought that it was just a really bad accident.

All of the training & design team that were in the office at the time gathered in a conference room and turned on the news to see what was happening. After a few minutes of listening to the newscasters bewildered comments, we saw the second plane hit the second building…

For a few moments, a complete stunned silence fell on all of us. None of us could comprehend what was happening, what we were seeing. I think that’s when we all realized this was no accident and was really a lot worse than we could have imagined. We were vulnerable, and we were being attacked.

Next, we started hearing about the plane that hit the Pentagon. My response was to pray and seek the LORD for help and strength. One of my coworkers became frantic because his grandmother lived in New York. I took him outside the conference room and prayed for the Lord’s protection upon her.

That day was the longest day I think I’ve ever experienced. I will never forget. #neverforget

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