Why does God Allow Evil?

I was asked by a brother in Christ:

“Why does God allow evil?”

These were my initial thoughts and how I responded to Him based on what I have learned from our Father in Heaven & our LORD Jesus Christ:

Because He knows things we can’t know. Because He loves His enemies and is patiently trying to save the ones that can be saved (humans), even if it means being persecuted by them (and the powers controlling them) until they repent or die. Remember what Jesus said to Saul when He appeared to him: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting ME.”

It’s the kindness of the all-powerful God that leads us to repentance.

Ultimately, because He has chosen to do it that way. He is God and we are not. He has endured all of the violence in heaven (beginning with Lucifer’s rebellion) and the violence on earth to demonstrate His love, patience, kindness, mercy, in order to make His glory known among His creation.

“I send you out as sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves (meekness – strength self-restrained). “

The LORD has set aside a specific time when He will retaliate as the Great King, and Commander of the Armies of Heaven. Until then, we are not to retaliate but be the priestly representatives of Him, our great High Priest; enduring the mocking, persecution, betrayal, and even being martyred EXACTLY like He was. Because, it is the kindness of the Almighty God that leads his enemies to repentance.

Not by power, nor by might (that time is coming when the wrath of the Lamb & the wrath of God is unleashed)… But right now (temporarily) it is “by my (Holy) Spirit”, who is represented as a harmless dove.

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