The Wiles of the Devil

In the Bible, Satan takes two forms: the Serpent, and the Great Red Dragon. The Serpent represents deception. Wherever he is mentioned in the form of the Serpent, he is being deceptive. The Dragon represents the fulness of his true nature, fiery hatred and angry wrath (war) toward God, Christ Jesus & all who represent Him. Wherever he is mentioned as the Dragon, his full nature is on display in his actions to attack, kill and destroy by rage.

Both of these teach us about Satan & his slaves’ methods…. first: deception & subversion through questioning God’s Word, denying God’s Word, deleting God’s Word (and all principles based on God’s Word)…. then outright attack on God’s Word (and anything that represents Him) by rage, war and annihilation.

Once you understand the pattern, many things become clear…. especially the 4 horsemen of Revelation…. false peace (deception & subversion) by the Antichrist & his system, the the fiery rage of war against God & His people (Jews & the Church & anyone who holds to any truth of Scripture), and then the results of that rage: famine, pestilence and death.

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