Second Chances

On the last leg of a trip to Texas, I stopped in Longview to get gas. While I was standing next to my vehicle looking for the fuel app on my phone to get a discount, a woman walked up behind the car and startled me. She was parked at the next fuel pump in a black Chevy Impala.

She apologized, showed me a dollar and said she didn’t have enough gas to get where she was going. She asked if I could give her some gas money. I lied and said that I didn’t have any cash. She thanked me, looked around, got back in her car and drove away.

I was immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit, and the LORD gently said to me: “Give to everyone who asks of you.” (Luke 6:30)

I grieved in my heart and asked the LORD to forgive me. I immediately prayed and said: “LORD, if she is Yours, have her turn around and come back.”

I looked down the row of fuel pumps to the end and saw her turn her car around and come back. I thanked the LORD for His mercy and waived her down. She got out and came over. I told what had just happened and handed her a twenty dollar bill.

She was almost in tears and asked if she could hug me, and thanked me. I gave her a hug and said: “Praise the LORD!”

She left and went to get gas in her car.

Praise the LORD for His tendermercy & loving kindness that gives us a second chance to do obey.

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