What Does it Mean to Keep God’s Sabbath & To Enter His Rest?

This morning I am listening to Isaiah 56 and it says “blessed is the man who keeps from defiling the Sabbath…” I asked the LORD what exactly that means.

I know that Christ Jesus is my Sabbath, and keeping faith in Him & faithfulness to Him is PART of the meaning but not complete.

THEN I read this post:

Ryan Duff


What if God rested on the 7th day because He was simply pausing for Jesus to finish the work at a later time?

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.

Then the epiphany came. The LORD has been directing me to consider the resurrection & final restoration (new heaven & earth) A LOT lately and to fix my mind on it in order to persevere this time & the great tribulation that is coming.

THAT IS THE SABBATH REST – when ALL His work is finished and all who endured, persevered & kept the faith will ENTER His REST with Him!

That is what He commands in Isaiah 56.

Then in Isaiah 62:6-7 the LORD says not to rest nor GIVE HIM REST until He establishes Jerusalem & makes it a praise in the earth.

This is to be a continual prayer to Him until He completes it, for it keeps our focus on His promises, covenant, and FINISHED work.

Father in heaven, do not rest until Your work is complete and do not let us, your servant rest until our part in Your work is complete according to Your will. By Your Holy Spirit, help is to daily fix our minds on Your Sabbath rest to come when You finish all things, the new heaven & new earth & the New Jerusalem, and rest with Your faithful in Your eternal kingdom.

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